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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 17, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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information they got -- that sent tonight new details on a crash that killed two chp officers. the bad information they got that sent them speeding towards disaster. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix 5 is in san jose. >> reporter: about just an hour ago, crews left the scene. it is hard to see in the very dark night out here, but of course crews, they are still trying to figure out. investigators are trying to figure out what lead up to the crash. more than 12 hours later, they still block off the southbound highway 99 exit in sierra and kingsburg as crews toiled into the night to repair the physical damage, but not the loss of the families of the 33-
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year-old juan gonzalez and 34- year-old brian law. >> i feel sad for my personal relationship that i had with him as well as his family. and all the people that he impacted and touched during the time. >> reporter: they began their careers in the bay area. gonzalez in san jose, law in oakland. >> it was hard enough when he lost in the first place. >> reporter: the pair was headed to a crash reported to be in the northbound lanes of 99, turning out that the crash was really on the southbound lanes, and that is when they found themselves headed straight for the accident. it is believed that the info sent them face to face with a pickup and a mangled front end, headlights facing them. early reports indicated that they swerved to miss cars and people on the road in the pre- dawn hours when gonzalez seemed to have overcorrected, striking a guardrail and a road sign before flipping the cruiser, killing both men. the accident in route to help
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others, heartbreaking and confusing for family. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know. >> reporter: highway 99 here in fresno county was closed for hours this morning into this afternoon as investigators tried to gather evidence from that road. the funeral for both of the officers have not yet been set at this point, but likely will be a very big deal in this community. live in kingsburg, andrea borga, kpix 5. at the state capital, flags will be flown half staff. in a statement, governor brown left a remarkable quote. you can share your thoughts on the tragedy of our facebook page and go to breaking news in san francisco right now where the national park police are searching for a number of suspects. we're told that a chase started
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and ended in a collision near the golden gate bridge toll plaza. the suspects then got away on foot. now police, they say that they may be involved in a series of car break-ins, searching the area south of the golden gate bridge toll plaza. a bicyclist was hurt after the bus hit them this afternoon happening about 4:45 on polk street as the cyclist injuries are minor. 20 cars were broken into in one night and one neighborhood as they show us that neighborhood is fed up, taking ax. >> reporter: it's been five days since this rash of car burglaries that you can still see piles and piles of shattered glass along fulton street. >> this is probably about six cars within a 10 to 12-car radius. >> reporter: dave said that somebody busted out a window in the middle of the night, grabbing everything that they could and he wasn't alone. >> as far as i could see, there
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were piles of glass as i walked up and down the street. >> reporter: about 20 cars, all parked along fulton. >> s that a lot. and that these things, they will come and go and right next to d.c. for the suspect to hide. >> reporter: they say that officers from the richmond station have stepped up patrols in the area. uniformed and plain clothed uniforms. it's common six, but worth repeating to do your best to make sure that the car looks empty. >> make sure to leave no valuable piece of information. but still it's a chronic problem that needs to be addressed as he'll be there tomorrow night when the captain of the richmond station holds a community meeting. you don't come to a neighborhood with the intention of breaking into 20 plus cars without knowing it's an easy target, which happens time and time again and something needs to be done. >> joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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>> when an arrest is made, property is rarely recovered, so it's best never to leave valuables in your car. within the past hour police arrested a man who engaged them in a six-hour standoff. police responded to the home around 3:00 this afternoon on a domestic dispute call as the 72- year-old man were fused to come out, surrendering peacefully tonight. and also tonight a family is asking for help in finding a gunman who shot and killed their 16-year-old daughter as police found the body of naomi near the railroad tracks in fairfield on saturday morning. she was shot in the head and died at the scene as police, they have no suspects in custody and so far no motive. >> they wanted to drive a car to get their first job and anything. >> yes, i just want to bring my sister back, so please help us. please, please tell us who did it. >> police, they are not releasing many details in this case, but they do think that
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there are witnesses who have not come forward. if you get a funeral announcement in your inbox, do not open it. they are sending out fake announcements, hoping that you click and download malware. >> what the scammers do, they send thousands, possibly millions of e-mails to people in hopes to catch some that are actually experiencing a situation with a friend or relative. >> if you do click on a malicious link or attachment, scammers can get access to anything on your computer. routine flights took a terrifying turn when it was hijacked by the co-pilot. according to one passenger, he threatened to crash the ethiopian airline, but the plane landed safely as jeff's report is on the ordeal. >> reporter: the rope dangling from the cockpit was the escape
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route. but by the time they were escorted off the airlines and their jets with their hands up. for them this was the end of an hour and a half ordeal. her plane had taken off, heading for rome with 193 passengers on board, including 11 americans. but when the pilot left the cockpit to use the bathroom, the ethiopian co-pilot locked him out, hijacking the plane, and directed the plane towards switzerland where the plane began circling as he demanded asylum. not all passengers knew what was happening, but that the plane seemed to be falling from the sky and they were told to put on their oxygen masks. once the plane landed, police ordered passengers to put their hands on their heads. by then the hijacker climbed down the road, into the hands of investigators. robert runs the geneva airport. >> the police were there and then he went to the police and said that he was the hijacker. >> the co-pilot is being
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charged with hijacking, more likely to get jail time rather than asylum, facing 20 years in jail. no one was hurt. cbs news, washington. >> a bit of a mystery as the co- pilot has worked for ethiopian airlines for five years with no criminal records. he was gunned down like this with his head over on top and said give me your money and give me your jersey. >> a bay area pastor held up right after church. a story that you'll only see right here. it's not easy getting out of the parking ticket. now a bay area start up is offering to do the hard work for you. and these babies may be tiny, but they delivered a huge surprise for their parents. washington's birthday was a dry one around the bay area. the holiday weekend wrapping up on a dry note for the kpix 5, but will it change as the week rolls on? your answer is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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behind and sucker punches another man.. knocking him the ground. a disturbing scene caught on surveillance in massachusetts. watch this man soccer punch another man, knocking him to the ground. it happened over the weekend on a very busy street. the victim and his girlfriend
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both say that the guy seemed a bit off. >> to me he just seemed mentally disturbed. he seemed under the influence, listening to music really loudly, yelling. >> there was nothing that i could have done differently. no time to react. >> now, police say that the same guy attacked at least two other people on the very same street as he's still on the loose. an oakland pastor was also attacked out of nowhere. ann notarangelo reports that armed men held him up shortly after holding service. center they could be grieve -- could be grieving tonight. out in $8,000 in jewelry, some of it seen here and $300 in cash. but as you heard it, he has lived another day. >> when i was giving them the jewelry, i said that is the only reason why they didn't shoot me. >> reporter: last night after church he got into his car. >> i got one foot in and this
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guy comes from across the street approaching me with a gun down like this and with his hand on top of the gun and said give me your money and give me your jersey. >> reporter: while the pastor says he is strong, asking us not to reveal the name of his church. wheeler says he will be paying better attention to familiar his surroundings with all the jury that he saves for weekends or -- jewelry or special o lick this suspect what he went when he wet, but it forced his hand. afterall it's the city he grew up in and city he still loves. >> you don't give up on anybody, do you? >> i cannot afford to. and then i wouldn't be able to believe the word that the preach. >> reporter: in oakland, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> patrick wheeler said the guy who robbed him were in the middle 30s to the early 40s as
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it seems like they have done it many times before. a house fire in san jose displaced 15 people, reported around 6:00 tonight in the 2600 block, threatening homes on either side. everyone got out safely as two dogs also live in the home and one died. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fighting parking tickets could be a pain as now there is an app for that. julie watts and the start up that is willing to do the work for you. >> reporter: david spends a lot of time studying the street signs. he's the co-founder of fix. an app that will fight your parking ticket for you or at least help. >> the first thing that you need to do is to take a photographer. >> first take a photo of the picture and then they guide you through the possible reason that could be invalid or the very least, debatable, and then mails your complaint to the mta as he says that there is a lot to complain about in san francisco. >> the regulations and the ordinance for each parking ticket, it is spread across
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like three different statutes. and so not only is it confusing to the average person, but confusing to the parking as well. >> reporter: they require street cleaning signs to be placed within 100 feet of any spot that could be ticketed. red zones have to be painted according to certain specifications and those temporary no parking signs, they cannot just spring up overnight. >> these have to be put in place three days before the no parking regulation goes into place. >> people do make mistakes and sometime there is are courts. >> reporter: paul rose with the mta admits that not every ticket is perfectly written, contending that there is no secret to fighting a citation, but the founders say that they have come close to fighting one. >> a system learns which error is most common and what's the best way to test that. so the more tickets we contest,
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that the smarter it gets. >> the free app is due out later this month. at first it will be able just in san francisco. if you beat your ticket, fixed, charges 20% of the fine that you would have paid. students and staff at one oakland school will get a four- day weekend. skyline high school will be closed tomorrow for gas line repairs. classes, they're expected to resume on wednesday. a couple of tall ships that are visiting the bay area right now, providing a history lesson as everyone, welcome on board of the lady washington and the hawaiian disc. the mission is to educate students about sea life. >> you can get an idea of what sea life is like, modern day on the tall ship as well as what it would have been like 1 to 300 years ago. >> yeah, lady washington has appeared in a number of movies including the pirates of the caribbean trilogy. the ships will also be making stops in oakland, redwood city,
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many others as you probably won't see captain jack. >> no, no, no. but what a fun way to learn about something like that and enjoy the weather. >> yeah, a good looking ship. >> we need it to rain. >> but you know it would be a nice day. many of our museums around here, which are rain sheltered. but yeah, every day is a good outdoor thing. let's think positive as you could get outside any day for the next several, but we need the rainfall as we're not going to get it. take a live look outside and talk about this monday night and back to work and back to school tomorrow with a beautiful shot from oakland, looking towards san francisco with a partly cloudy night. it won't be cold as you won't see any widespread 30s. you'll be in the uner 30s -- the upper 30s. concord and livermore at mid- 40s for you. san francisco, coming down at 49 degrees. overnight tonight. san jose tomorrow, partly sunny, mild, 64 with a morning cloud cover tomorrow afternoon on sunshine with a high of 64
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degrees. no mention of rainfall, even though it is pretty close as it is raining again in northern california. but is it being kept to the north again by this ridge of high pressure, which is just taking the storm track and muscling it out of the bay area, keeping it just to the north. the closest that we will get will be on wednesday morning where we may see a few sprinkles towards perhaps what is it, a holding, that rainfall and then they get closer and stronger and warmer and sunnier. it begins on thursday and really lasts all the way through the weekend. topping next week talking about highs close to 70. the megaridge is back keeping us rain free for at least the next week. and so fog tonight, especially in the north bay, also some fog near the bay. a couple springs are -- and a couple of spring temperatures coming up over the weekend tomorrow, mid-60s, oakland 65. that's 5 degrees above average for you. san jose 64.
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redwood city, 63. campbell, saratoga, mid-60s. martinez, low 60s. richmond 63. one of our cooler spots with a few showers in the evening with a high of 58 degrees. cloudy on wednesday and then here we go. sunshine on thursday, friday, upper 60s close to 70 over the weekend. top next week we are still sunny as that would be great if it were may and if we had the rainfall earlier. we're staying dry for a while. it's not the forecast that we may once, but therety, millions of folks dealing with another snowstorm. sunny sunny and 70. i've had that dream. >> yeah, but we can. >> well, we just need the rain because we are suffering from this drought. >> they've been hoarding the rain and snow. we've been hoarding the sunny and warmth. >> sure they'd be happy to give it up.
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>> a trade. >> what's coming up, mother nature? >> maybe. no. well, a mom knew she was having more than one baby. >> they had gotten the third out and said that's not all. and i said no. >> but even she didn't know that it was this many. ,,,,
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[ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. d, and i said, all right, now, imagine giving birth to triplets. >> and then imagine hearing this. >> they had gotten the three out and they said more feet. and they said more feet. that's all i heard and i said
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no. >> a -- baby number four had been hiding behind one of her sisters the whole time. everyone more amazing, the quads came along without any fertility treatment. >> everything happens from a single embryo and it all has to be with one out of a few hundred million. >> the couple already has a 10- year-old daughter and as you might imagine, they say they are blessed, but that they are done. no more kids. >> yeah. speaking of unbelievable odds if you are feeling lucky. now is the time to buy a lottery ticket. wednesday's power ball jackpot has hit $400 a way. massive jackpots have become more common since california joined the game last april. tickets, they are just $2 and in case you're wondering the odds of winning wednesday's
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jackpot is simple, easy, slam dunk, $one out of $175 million. >> oh yeah, we got this. we are pleased to welcome andrea to our kpix 5 news team and you have the minute coming up. >> yes, i have the news minute coming up. what is colin kaepernick and cam newton doing together? the minute is an ex. ,,,,
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warriors steph curry and the west... couldn't top the ean the we are back, joining us with a look at seattle for a while, but you're a bay area girl. >> yes, i'm a bay area girl as it was nice to be in seattle, but so nice to be home. the warrior steph curry and the west, couldn't top the east,
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but it's time to ship the focus back to golden state in the sports minute. andrew bogurt has not plaid since they faced the wildcats on february -- played since they faced the wildcats on february 4th. he is listed after not responding well to a cortisone shot last week for the left shoulder. warriors are in sacramento on wednesday night. giants and a's getting ready for the cast this week as we'll be there too. vern glenn will be in arizona all friday. be sure to tune in with the latest. the unlikely duo of colin cepper pack ask exeven -- the colin kaepernick asked the same question and they seemed to be okay. ♪[ music ] ♪ dancing through the fire because i'm the champion and
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you're going to hear me roar." [ cheering and applause ] [ booing ] >> yeah, i think that is a thumbs down on that one and i apologize. i should have told you to put ear plugs in before the sports minute. but that is colin kaepernick. i have never seen him like that before. >> yeah, totally impressed that he's not shy. >> yeah, because he only put three words together in the locker room. it's a different side of colin kaepernick. >> he does not need a new job. >> katy perry has nothing to worry about. >> no, it's nails on a chalk board. all right, so now we're looking at a gorgeous week, but -- >> yes, so nice. but it always comes with the caveat around here. we cannot fully 110% enjoy a sunny 70-degree day, my kids can. but we know it's a drought and we need the rainfall. i'm not seeing it. a little cloudy over the next few days, mid-60s. over the weekend, we'll be up 70 degrees. if you're a golfer, do it. why not. >> perfect weather for it. thank you for watching.
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join us again at 11:00 on kpix 5. like us on facebook. ,, ,,,,,,
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